The 4th edition of Themes & Variations conceived by the Guggenheim-Venice is more than an exhibition is a journey that unfolds as a sort of tale. The show takes place room by room in 11 distinct spaces arranged both chronologically and thematically. The main theme and the subtitle is that of the most popular painting in the collection: Rene Magritte’s Empire of Light, that doesn’t open the exhibition but is the fulcrum. Presiding spirit is obviously Peggy Guggenheim, photographed by André Kertész reflected in a convex mirror. Themes & Variations is a maze but also an entertainment offering different interpretations of a motif: Matisse dialogues with Basilico, the Bechers with Sironi, Ruff’s image sent from a space satellite with Ernst’s city, but beware, in every theme there is a catch. Rediscovering Peggy Guggenheim collection means also discovering new private collections in dialogue with the contemporary. The idea is to accompany the visitor speaking of art as if traveling through time in a dream, a gymnasium for new exercises in perception.