Pupil of Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand made the ​​history of interior design and marked a revolution in the feminine style. “For my mother, the style was a way of being in the world,” says the daughter Pernette. This year Louis Vuitton dedicates to her the new s/s Icone Colletion 2014 and presents it in boutiques setting up the windows with some new editions of her furniture, produced by Cassina today.

Moved by a  progressive spirit Charlotte Perriand participates in the great adventures of French architecture between the two world wars , when is laid the foundation of a new way of living spaces by focusing on an industrial approach, prefabrication of modular elements and cost containment , keeping the same high quality. Today her design pieces are sold at auction for very high sums, but at the time convinced few . She could call at midnight to talk about a new idea , ” tells her daughter sitting in the living room of an apartment designed by the great designer, impeccably balanced and sober, with careful attention to detail. Perriand didn’t like frills, nor superfluous. In this sense the collection of Louis Vuitton Icones reflects the spirit and the taste of the designer, a wardrobe consists of a few essential pieces matched, playing on unexpected mix of colors, lines and materials . “I think my mother would have loved this collection, and in particular long dress silk print Vichy, inspired by the clothes she wore in summer.”

Louis Vuitton‘s Spring Summer 2014 Icônes collection coincides with thecreation of a previously unrealised beach house by Perriand during this year’s Design Miami exhibition.